Artnesto - online art selling gallery

Artnesto is an online gallery showcasing the work of upcoming artists.
Reaching out to the world through our website, our mission is to encourage emerging talent and provide a platform to promote high quality work.
Since being established in 2017, our artist and client list has grown consistently.
Our belief that art should be inclusive makes us work continuously  towards increasing our online gallery collection for all buyers, new and experienced with modern and contemporary paintings.
In various stages of their career, our artists are current and exciting, select the ones you like, follow them and start your collection. Let these beautiful pieces of art brighten up your life!

We are very proud that so many customers trusted us and were delighted with artworks bought from our website or via catawiki platform. We are even prouder that artists are happy and let us represent and sale their paintings.

In our gallery you’ll find unique works and incredible talents who are represented by us only. These paintings come directly from artists studio and we are the first link between buyer and artist .

Art is a growing market. It’s not always about nice looking piece on the wall, quite often it’s an investment. It might be a long term or a short term one. Prices are changing all the time, we are very happy that thanks to their talent and our work they are rising steadily. Let me introduce few names that are getting more and more recognizable and their art works are appreciated and valued all over the world.

Wojciech Muda/Munke

He is a professional plastics graduate, with a diploma thesis in the field of: exhibitions in State High School of Fine Arts in
Wrocław. End of 2016 - beginning 2017, is a turning point in the career of the Polish painter. His figurative and symbolic style
asserts itself. Founded on melancholy, the subjects of his paintings show on a recurring basis individuals in a powerful poetry. Please keep an eye on him, a beautiful gem of creation.

Adam Burczyc

His painting started in the studio of Dr Kazimierz Fraczka, where he took lessons before the beginning of studies. He graduated from a Higher Vocational School with a diploma under the direction of Prof. Aleksander Ostrowski in 2007. His inspiration comes from nature and music, but often reaches to imagination what he shows in his works. Amazing surreal creations, just out of this world.

Alfred Anioł

Since March 2020 he is represented by gallery Artnesto. The Mediterranean theme, as well as the Polish and commercial architecture rich in beautiful monuments, is a popular subject. He paints from 20 years and looking at his paintings you can see and feel his passion for art.

That is just a small example of artists whose paintings can be purchased via our website.