Adam Burczyc ”Silver power”


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Lightweight sheets of actual silver used in a painting ( glued as seen on photo). Sophisticated touch .

Gold and silver leaf sheets are extremely thin. Unlike aluminum foil, gold/silver leaf sheets are so light they can float away in a slight breeze, making them a bit tricky to handle. Beautiful and unique.

Oil on canvas, size: 40cm x 50cm

Certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.
Adam Burczyc born in 1982 in Raciborz in Poland, where he lives and creates to the present day.His adventures with painting started in the studio of Dr Kazimierz Fraczka, where he took lessons before the beginning of studies. He graduated from a Higher Vocational School with a diploma under the direction of Prof. Aleksander Ostrowski in 2007. His inspiration comes from nature and music, but often reaches to imagination what he shows in his works.He paints with oil technique from abstraction to surreal themes.