Małgorzata Piątek Grabczyńska “Cyclist”


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Size in a frame : 42cm/36cm
Medium : Oil on canvas
Year : 2017
Artist was born in 1975. In 1995-2000 she was a student of painting
and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław – drawing and
painting studio of prof. Grzegorz Zyndwalewicz and prof. Eugeniusz
Get-Stankiewicz; – workshop graphics workshop ad. Roman Kowalik. In
1998/99 scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and Art. Color
– a characteristic and inseparable element of painting. Regardless of
whether it is very monochromatic or explosion of colors.

“Color as the basic building block of the image space has also
dominated my works. Matter, emotion and event are embodied in color
here. The composition – which is the result of observing the
relationship between a man, his surroundings, the world of fantasy and
reality, dreams and existence arises a bit on the principle of
improvisation also subordinated to play with color. It builds the mood
here and determines the character of the composition and how it is
perceived. In a sense, my works are emotional landscapes, images of my
interior, small moments, frames cut out from everyday life dressed in
form and color.”