Marek Pelczar “Forest nymph”


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A series of sculptures, Forest nymphs,
Outdoor sculptures made of chestnut wood.115cm
7 of them of different sizes and various compositions were created. The culmination of these works is a three-headed composition.
A chestnut tree that had withered for 150 years was cut down and donated to outdoor works for artists.
The color of the wood is beautiful and colorful, in addition, blue veins flow down it, which makes the sculpture as if it were a living organism.
Inspired by the years of wood and its colors, I decided to make a series of sculptures,, Forest Nymph,,
The sculptures depict forest apparitions that emerge from the wood, delighting and surprising passers-by with their charm and airy hair like mermaids.
Outdoor sculptures are nature that can live in our homes and be a strong decorative element.
The author of the sculptures is Marek Pelczar
Poland Tarnow 2022.