Piotr Kamieniarz “Hide and seek”



Polish artist, well known in Germany. He was born in 1964. Artist lives in Salomin.
The work was made in acrylic and ink technique. The basis of this work is paper. It is a medium used as an alternative to canvas and board. Paper, depending on the type, allows you to obtain various effects. The one with a weight of 200 g/m2, with a compact structure and high absorbency, is designed for watercolour paints, gouache, tempera and ink.
Original work 47cm/62cm.Signed, professionally framed.


1994 – Individual exhibition Volkshohschule in Essen;
1995 – Individual exhibition Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung Galerie Katholishes;
since 1996, permanent cooperation and exhibitions at Galerie KK Essen;
1997 – Individual exhibition at the Municipal Cultural Center in Stalowa Wola;
1998 – Individual exhibition at Galerie KK Essen;
1998 – Collective exhibition “Arbeiten auf Papier” at Galerie KK Essen;
2000 – Collective exhibition “Auf den Hund gekommen” at Galerie KK, Essen;
2000 – Individual exhibition at Galerie Streitenfeld, Oberursel;
2001 – Individual exhibition “Menschen, Engel, Vögel” at the Galerie Gallus Zentrum, Frankfurt am Main
2001 – Collective exhibition “Markwurdige Bilder” in Galerie KK, Essen;
2002 – Individual exhibition “Piotr Kamieniarz – Neue Arbeiten” at Galerie KK, Essen;
2003 – Individual exhibition at the Galeria Bohema, Kazimierz Dolny;
2004 – Individual exhibition at Galeria Szara, Kraśnik;
2006 – Representation of the KK Essen Gallery at the International Art Fair, Köln;
2007 – Collective Exhibition “Spitzentreffen” (Rolad Topor, Rudi Hurzmeier, Gottfried Helnwein) Galerie Fahre Bad Saulgau;
2008 – Collective exhibition “Ansichten von ich” at Galerie KK, Essen;
2008 – Nomination for the prize in the prestigious International Satirical Drawing Competition “Satyrykon” Legnica, participation in the Satyrykon 2