Tobiasz Frączek


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Oil on canvas, size 60cm/50cm,perfect condition ,year of creation: 2020

Tobiasz Frączek was born in Raciborz (24th November 1994).

That’s what artist says about himself:
“Art is always present in my life. As a child, I often visited my father’s studio, Kazimierz Frączek, who was my first inspiration. His paintings hanging in my family home shaped my sensitivity, creative personality and moral attitude. Currently I am a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, and since 2018 a graduate of Art Education in Racibórz, diploma with professor Kazimierz Cieslik.
One of the themes of my work are landscapes, expressive, full of colors and impressions. I emphasize the dynamics of the composition with an expressive brush stroke and the use of strong, warm colors. For me it is a kind of diary, and in the pictures it evokes what is beautiful and important to me, often fleeting.”

– individual exhibition ” Ecce Homo”in the gallery Basen at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice in 2019
– individual exhibition in Raciborz in 2014
– post open air exhibition in Museum Zofii Kossak in Gorki Wielkie in 2019
– post open air exhibition in Piast Castle in Raciborz in 2013