Wiktor Bezrukow “The flutist”


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Acrylic/ oil pastel , size: 50cm x 40cm
The artist was born in 1972. He lives and works in Bialystok – mid-sized city in northeastern Poland. He signs his work using the pseudonym Wiktor Bezrukow. His real name is Piotr Lagucik .
Fascinated by comics, he sketched and painted portraits from
old images and landscapes. In 1986, he started high school
Fine Arts in Suprasl – a very picturesque little town on the edge of the Knyszyn Forest, around Białystok.In 1992, he started higher education at the faculty of scenography of the higher school of applied arts “Schola Posnaniensis” in Poznan. This private college was the most High Authority for Higher Arts Education in Poland.
For years he was fascinated by the icons of the Moscow School of the XVth – XVIIth centuries. In his paintings, he focuses on decoration and optimism.