Zdzislaw Constantin Majrowski -Meyro ”Nokturn”



Size : 100cm / 70cm
Framed: Yes
Medium: Oil on canvas

An outstanding representative of Polish contemporary art. A brilliant continuer of Paul Cezanne (and Franz Kokoschka).
He is an artist whose work is a continuation of the works of masters such as Frans Hals, Diego Velasquez and Manet. The great diligence and masterfully mastered workshop clearly define the artist’s achievements. His uncompromising and perfectionism are the main components of his unique painting.
He was born on May 29, 1952. Murderous work and talent, already in early childhood drew the attention of educators and opened the door to the world of art for him. At the age of 14, he created his first pastiche of the 17th century, Dutch masters. Fully ripe, painted
in a masterful manner, full of depth and poetry. He studied painting in the studio of prof. Jan Lisa.
He obtained the diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1979 at the Faculty of Interior Design.
His journey in search of his own forms of expression began for good in the mid-1980s. Over the years, he perfectly painted great cycles of figurative paintings. Before he created his own unique style, he went through almost all stages of contemporary painting. From flat monochromatic compositions to contrasting impasto and reliefs. He passed from the classic drawing
to deformation up to constructivism. Artist is constantly developing and improving his style.
Zdzisław Majrowski’s paintings are found in many contemporary art galleries and in private collections in Europe, America and Japan. He is the only Polish artist recommended by the English business monthly Funds Europe. His work is a great investment not only for experienced connoisseurs.

Major exhibitions:
1981 – Pastiche of the 17th century Dutch painting – exhibition / Munich, Germany
2004 – Galeria Blue-S – retrospective exhibition / Warsaw, POLAND
2007 – Van Golik Galeria – exhibition / Warsaw, POLAND
2008 – Galeria ArTtu – exhibition / Warsaw, POLAND
2008 – International Contemporary Art Fair ART-Kiev – exhibition / Kiev, Ukraine
2009 – Alain Persico Atelier – exhibition / Paris, France
2009 – International Contemporary Art Fair ART-Kiev – exhibition / Kiev, Ukraine
2009 – Galeria Bogacki – exhibition / Worpswede, GERMANY
2010 – Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency – exhibition / Warsaw, POLAND
2010 – Deutsche Bank – exhibition / Warsaw, POLAND
2011 – Art Villa Gallery – exhibition / Warsaw, POLAND
2011 – Galeria Bogacki – exhibition / Worpswede, GERMANY
2011 – Andre Zarre Gallery – “The essence of feelings” – exhibition / New York, USA
2011 – Galeria “Der Ort” – “Art connects us” – exhibition / Berlin, Germany
2012 – Gallery 118 Gallery – exhibition / London, United Kingdom
2012 – Blue-S Gallery – Botanical Garden PAN / Warsaw, Poland
2014 – Gabriel Fine Art – “The eyes are the windows to our soul” / London, England
2015 – Galeria Blue-S – Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin / Warsaw – 40 summer of artistic work / 40 years of artistic journey.
2016 – “Galeria Sztuki Gallery” – Kielce, Poland
2017 – Gallery Yana – Kiev, Ukraine
2018 – Art in House Auction House – Abstract lyricism in Majrowski’s painting